mobile release engineering,
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Codify your release process

Tramline lets you codify the multiple parts of your release process as the steps of a release train. We do this with minimal disruption to the existing investments of the engineering team.

Integrate discrete systems

We integrate with existing CI pipelines that create various types of builds. We work with existing build deployment channels like Play Store and App Store, and also with Slack and Firebase App Distribution.

Describe your dance

Using the release train model, teams can describe the coordinated dance that happens between the stakeholders (developers, EMs, product, QA) as sequential steps that last over many days or weeks, including blocking steps like getting explicit sign off.

Participants get notified at every step about the state of the release. This isn’t just limited to a single train – teams can describe as many types of release trains as they want. For example, apart from the regular production release, one can design a nightly train or a beta testers train.

Observe the world

Since the complete release process can be managed from one place, anyone, can drive the release and not just senior engineers. Non-technical stakeholders get a clear overview of the state of the release as it happens.

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Prior to starting Tramline, Pratul was the co-founder & CTO of Obvious, where he helped clients like Myntra, Dunzo, Ola Cabs and Flipkart with mobile engineering challenges.

Before Obvious, he was mobile engineer #1 at Practo and a contributor to Drupal.